Monday, August 24, 2015

Tillicum Island Sim Closing Announcement-Hurry and Visit Now Before It's Too Late

Visit here:

Tillicum Island 5
Scott Yedmore passed out this note today:
"To All,
Wow - what a great bunch of people we've encountered here at the islands! And over such a long period of time, too. Thank you for being a part of that for us.
I will be closing TI at the end of this month, and I will miss it. On the UP side, howevver, the lovely Tinker Drew and I are getting together in RL! :D Recently I have
moved cross-country (from Texas to Washington), taken on a new job with The Walt Disney Company, am loving RL. Next, a move to a house, furnishing it and all
that "jazz". Also, I came to SL with a fondness for music and I shall depart with that very same thing - music production opportunities are all around...
Tink and I, I am quite sure, will be back on the grid at some point soon. We'll rent from someone else or, possibly, start a new sim. Right now I am thinking it would
be so good to live somewhere close to the real Tillicum Island, aka Tillicum Villiage.
It has been fun. Hugs all around.

Tillicum Island

I got his permission to blog this as I feel everyone should have a chance to see this beautiful sim if they have not already.  If you get a chance to go explore it be sure to travel the caves and have a close look all around as you don't want to miss this highly detailed sim.   I blogged it before here:

Tillicum Island 4 Tillicum Island 3 Tillicum island case BW.jpg

(This is in the caves. Ok, yes I took a sleezy lingerie photo, so what)