Sunday, August 9, 2015

Junk: Shop and Explore

Visit here:
This is a super cool sim to explore.  It's a shop and explore sim all in one. I left the sim lights on like they were when I landed, but it's also great for messing around with windlights.  I just happened to really like their lighting choice and it's a little different, so once again, what you see is what you get.  This sim appears to be owned by co-owers Tab Tatham and Return of the Meggins evankeel.  There are all kinds of cute decor in the barn sheds around the sim.  The rest of the sim is decorated in little vignette type arrangements to explore and pose in.  Their profile info. on the sim states: " here.
original furniture and decor and stuff.
Find more junk. information at;
junk updates"

Junk Mainstore_004
Junk Mainstore_008 Junk Mainstore_003 Junk Mainstore_002 Junk Mainstore_006 Junk Mainstore_005 Junk Mainstore_001

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