Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Review for DJ Soni's Slowbake Sunday Radio Show at SL Live Radio

Kara's Korner Week in review for the SL Live Slow Bake Radio Show with DJ Sonicity Fitzroy from 12 to 2pm SLT each Sunday.   You can hang out with us here:
Or listen each Sunday streamed here:
DJ Soni's blog here:

(radio spot)
Hey folks, it's Kara Trapdoor here again with a weekend review of Kara's Korner Second Life Adventures blogspot "Happening things around the grid".   This past week I enjoyed live music over at Idle Rogue and Ling's The Most Wonderful Party, I've continued following around some super great new live music talent with Whispering Sands Live promotions,  I visited Linden Endowment for the Arts to see many new and exciting exhibits and highly recommend LEA15 and LEA24 there and explored some other gorgeous sims around the grid as shown on my blog Stream previously.

Cica Ghost, Dreamers LEA24
Today be sure to check out the final day of the Country and Folk Festival over at Manifesto by 3Y Romea Entertainment featuring many live musicians and DJs on a cute country sim.  Flickr ad:
Visit here:
And be sure you hang on to your landmark as they have future events planned too.
SS Galaxy
This coming week I also look forward to The Vintage and Cool Fair 2015 which opened August 21 and runs  until September 4th. presented by the I Do network. Visit here:

Vintage and cool fair 2015
Key West is re-opening for the fall with a great line up live music and some fantastic added features to their sim:

I plan to make it make it over to The Starlite Theater Monday at 7pm SLT in their brand new theater and location.  I got a sneak peek at one of the dances for Monday and it's looking great.

Friday Sept the 4th  Studio 25 hosts their Steampunk art exhibit and opening party with dancing and DJs from 12 to 5pm SLT

Steampunk Party
And be sure to check out the beautiful new 3 region SS Galaxy cruise ship that is re-opening to include a wide variety of fun and interactive things  to see and do. Now located at the Galaxy MD sim.

SS Galaxy SS Galaxy
These are just a few of the many wonderful things I'll be checking out this coming week.  For links go to Kara's Korner Second Life Adventures BlogSpot.

And now back to DJ Soni with your Sunday afternoon Slowbake SL live Radio Show featuring top SL live performers.
And for my readers of course I'm all over at many other things in SL.  A new friend recently asked me how to find the live music shows, various artists and where and when they sing,  so here I'll list a few important links related specifically to live music events for DJ Soni's SL live music fans around the grid so we can all find what we want easily:

Second Life Live Music Events:

SL Destination Guide for Live music venues:

SL events calendar:
Some of the SL Live Music Promotions Groups with web sites including musician schedules, locations, bios etc.
Whispering Sands Promotions: Jorrdan.Jarman
SpiritFire SL Music and Videos: Sher Salmson
Dirval Music: Jenna Dirval
Brandy Maltas
Cybertstar Artist and Events Service:Sparkie Cyberstar
Some great Independent Artist Sims I also like a lot that are fantastic to explore but also host live musicians:
The Dirty Grind:
Hesperia Templemore

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