Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Through August 31

Kathy Nikolaidis, Lexi Brooks and I visited the Fantasy Gacha this evening for a great deal of fun shopping and bank breaking.  Kathy the queen of gacha actually was more resevrved this time than I was, as fantasy is very alluring to me, but then again she may have just been discreet with her purchases since I've taken to calling her gacha queen.  She has a partner in crime in Lexi who sounds like she also has inventory issues.  I'm telling myself this shopping in SL helps curb the RL shopping fix.  Yeah.. that's it.  Anyway.. visit here:

And visit here for their official web site:!

As you can see from the photos, the gacha run the perimeter of the sim with a canyon in the middle home to a few adorable little buildings. I started wearing my purchases and Kathy just had to joke that's how I get all the men. I think I lagged the sim in the process of all this too.  There are all things fantasy in the sim gachas so go have a blast, we did.

Fantasy GachaFantasy GachaFantasy Gacha Fantasy GachaFantasy Gacha

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