Saturday, August 2, 2014

Transylvania Turns 10 and Sabbian Paine Art Exhibit -Party Today 12pm SLT

Visit Transylvania here:

This month marks Transylvania's 10th anniversary with plenty of events lined up including an exhibit opening party today at 12pm SLT "World In My Eyes" by Sabbian Paine.  I snapped a couple of photos when visiting and Persia Bravin provided some info and a couple of the photos, see below.  Pretty impressive place!

"Give in to your dark side and enjoy a week of Gothic themed events as part of Transylvania’s tenth anniversary celebrations. Transylvania is now one of the oldest communities in SL and features a thriving social scene where everyone is welcome. With live music, DJ’s, masked balls and red carpet parties there is plenty to see. Runs August 7th to August 13th!"

Transylania 10th Birthday DG Image
                                          (Above photo courtesy of Persia Bravin)

Sabbian Paine's exhibit in Transylvania is great, check it ou!
The press release states: "‘World in My Eyes’ Exhibition by Sabbian Paine
                      Opening party: Saturday 2nd August 12 - 2pm
                      Exhibition runs: 2nd - 31st August 2014
Inspired by music and song lyrics, this new exhibition by renowned SL photographer, Sabbian Paine, is emotive and visually beautiful.
Each photo reflects Sabbian’s personal vision of SL and takes the viewer on an ethereal and often surreal journey.
“My exhibition has been inspired by music, emotion and a variety of sims and atmospheres in Second Life. World in My Eyes is my vision of the world of Second Life and how the various avatars and atmospheres come together in one image to tell a story. Each piece is inspired by a song which is intended to be played as a soundtrack to help bring these surreal and dreamlike images to life.” Sabbian Paine

Sabbian Paine at Transylvania
Are we machines, obsolete, alone - Sabbian Paine
                                            (The above pic by Sabbian courtesy of Persia Bravin)

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