Sunday, February 23, 2014

Paradise Lost in Second Life, Trailer 1 - Basilique Performing Arts Company

Visit "Songs From The Coalface", A blog by Canary Beck here:

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The first trailer for Paradise Lost in Second Life - The Story of Adam and Eve's Original Sin in Fourteen Movements of Mozart's Requiem, featuring God creating the Garden of Eden, Adam, and the animals. Opening in Spring 2014 at the Basilique:

(First in 4 posters and first in 5 video teasers, not made by me, but Canary Beck,  entrepreneur, owner of the Basilique Club, designer, singer, performer and director of theatrical dance and performing arts in Second Life. Her blog states she also writes, films and photographs the virtual experience on her blog.

Paradise Lost by Kara 2

The Basilique's last performance, Romeo and Juliet, reportedly was exceptionally well done and well received, and sadly I missed it just mainly because I'm bad at scheduled SL time, but this is one I want to make every effort to see.  The blog shows pictures of some of the scenes they are working on, lists the actors, and provides a great deal of more information, so check it out if you like this sort of thing.  Personally I think it will be great. 

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