Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Want YOU....

Please submit your work by Kara Trapdoor

Please submit your work, a photo by Kara Trapdoor on Flickr.
One last appeal to my readers to enter or at least come see what we have going on here at The Station. Please enter YOUR work on the easy to add boards at The Skywalk Gallery at The Station here: Right now there are a few cool concept submissions but I would like to fill the place and there really are a lot of free board and the deadline for adding something is Feb 10th. This is not about the prize money so much as just having fun with a variety of cool things to look at by my friends and people who want to add something or show off something, maybe even exhibiting as a gift to someone for Valentines day. Think it over but I'd be honored and pleased to have everyone come see and add something. There's not a lot of submissions so far and I'd love to have it full. The full rules, prizes, and info. can be found on location or IM me and I'll pass you a note. Thanks so much!

The other side of the gallery is home to some great art. So your work would be in good company. I curate the Skywalk Gallery that is current home to some cool art by Bryn Oh, Sina Souza, Burke Bode, Maloe Vansant, Josie Anderton, Sugar Silverstar, Chaos Richard, Zach Larsen. Come check it all out and enjoy this amazing mutli-level sim that is one of the coolest explores I know with tons of stuff to see and play on and do. If you need help finding any of the many hidden places that vary from naughty, to nice, to fun, to funny, please just give me a holler and I can give you a tour or hints... the sim owner doesn't give a map or even label the hidden places so you have to be a really good explorer or just ask me. : ) Thanks everyone!

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