Monday, February 24, 2014

Dromund Kaas, The Dark Planet: A Great Explore

Av_022 by Kara 2

This sim is a great fun explore! I went with E and he and I both were running around in all directions checking it all out.  This has many levels of sci fi fun.  I didn't see notes around about it so I just took a lot of pics to show you how cool it is.  Exploring is a little challenging too as you need to click a lot to magically teleport from one mysterious place to the next, but I did see some patterns soon for navigating.  It's apparently a little role play, but I didn't see any observer tag options and it  was fun just going everywhere looking anyway.  Watch out for some of their dangerous plant and animal life too.   Their sim profile states: "A remote; shadowy world in the Sith Empire, with dark secrets at every turn..."  That is for sure.  You really will find some huge amazing places if you click around and explore well.
Av_012 by Kara 2auction_009 by Kara 2

Av_019 by Kara 2
Av_027 by Kara 2Droumnd Kaas by Kara 2
Av_018 by Kara 2
Av_025 by Kara 2

A little more background info. :

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