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The Lost Garden of Sundarya Lahari, LEA13 by Xineohp Guisse opens 2-8-14

The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2

Lea13 The Lost Garden of Sundarya Lahari by 12 noon, visit here:
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2
(Xin at The Lost Garden of Sundarya
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2
(me exploring the pod area)

Today I had notice LEA made a great events schedule board at the main landing where you can easily see where you might was to explore and do direct teleports to various LEA exhibits.  Then I hopped over to LEA 13 by Xineohp Guisse which will officially open tomorrow. Xineohp was there, so of course I asked if I could take a pic then.  I was very impressed and pleased with what I saw and asked a few questions.  Xineohp Guisse provided a story book with a note card and info.  The book with beautiful pics of the build and storyline and note says in part:

"For the SecondLife LEA round 6 2014, I present to you Chapter One of my 5-month long build - The {Lost} Garden Of Sundarya Lahari.

=====; {THE STORY}
According to myths, the Ancients discovered a botanical species; a kind of reed that was capable of resonating a sound frequency when touched. The Ancients harvested these reeds and created a meditative and spiritual garden.
Quite by accident, the Ancients also discovered a symbiotic creature to the reeds; which they named the Pentapuss. The Pentapuss has the same form and biological structure as the reeds, and fed off the soundwaves made by the reeds. In doing so, their movements amongst the reeds nurtured the growth of the reeds to maturity.
The Ancients built BioPods and BioSpheres; to nurture these reeds and the young, juvenile pentapussies. They built contemplative Elemental pods at the Chamber of the Ancients, to observe these creatures and plants. They built a music chamber, where they can physically interact with the reeds......
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2In time, the garden grew to become a beautiful space - to contemplate and be as one with the beings that surrounds them.

The build is based on live sampling of my cello "plucking".  Each "reed" in the build, upon collision, produces a specific note.
The build is made up of two chambers on two towers:
1. An interactive chamber where avatars can move around, collide with the reeds and make their own music.
2.The main chamber; where the musical notes are being produced in a total unstructured fashion by the random collision of the creatures "the pentapuss". The creatures move/dance in an absolute random algorithm and upon collision with the reeds, the reeds produces the sound of a single note. Being executed in a completely random fashion,  a musical score is created that is ever-changing and evolving... never the same.
Resonant sounds/notes are produced when two notes are simultaneously struck.
The beauty of the build is how one can discover an evolution in music, made totally in a random algorithm, given a full pentatonic scale (via the sounds produced on a cello).

The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2This build would not have been possible without the help of my dear friend, darling sweetheart and uber scriptor, Nava Muni..... And the generosity of Linden Labs with the LEA initiatives."
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2

The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2On a personal note I'd recommend going over to the Chamber of the Ancients and sit on one of the green pods where you get a menu and it's easier to see the creatures dance.  In conversation, Xin also told me a few things such as when the reed gets struck by the creature.. it turns blue.  Xin said, "I will be building 5 chapters in my 5 months here, each month bringing a new chapter to the story and a new book so.. the story will evolve .. over the next few months.. the build will grow."  Xin has made many things in SL in the past but due to RL work commitments tends to pop in and out a lot.    I think I also may have gotten a scoop on what comes next as Xin said, "Next month we are going under water to tell the story of the Pentapuss."  At any rate.. be sure to check out this very cool, unique build with a story that will develop time. 
The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2

The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2

The Lost Garden Of Sundarya by Kara 2

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