Sunday, February 16, 2014


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Mingle by Kara 2
(final prize room)

Tonight Enig and I found a fun little adventure called "Mingle".  Their notecard in part reads: "The creators of Havenhollow proudly present its 2nd holiday installation: Mingle.
February 1st we open our interactive hud-based event. Complete the Mingle hunt with your HUD and receive access to some amazing prizes generously offered by some of your favorite designers!
Mingle encourages you to do just that! To complete some of the HUD's hunt tasks you will need to find someone to do them with! This is your chance to make memories with new friends and old.
The fun won't stop there with a transferable item gift shop to pick something up for you and your sweetheart.
If you don't have a sweetheart, you might find one at the Mingle Date Auction. Gussy up and get ready to Mingle!"
Mingle by Kara 2

Mingle by Kara 2

Mingle by Kara 2
Mingle by Kara 2Mingle by Kara 2
Mingle is open until Feb 28th so head on down with a date or good friend or go and try to meet some new friends.  You do have to complete the tasks with someone.  I also got a little hung up toward the beginning when we were to get the free cards.  I didn't realize you had to wear them and have the other person touch or take them from you when they were worn.. which was similar with a chocolates situation.  Other than that its' pretty easy and self explanatory from the hud and local chat.  You and your partner will get to know each other a little better in a variety of ways. The hud is free btw. Rated PG.
Mingle by Kara 2

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