Monday, February 24, 2014

Giant Redwoods of LEA6

Visit here:

redwoods by Kara 2
(Promo pic above: I didn't take this one)
Av_006 by Kara 2
(E providing some entertainment for me in the middle of the forest-quite the entertainer)
If you like forests hurry on over to this exhibit before Friday when this exhibit closes.  Some of the
LEA art comes and goes pretty fast and that's the case of the Giant Readwood forest at LEA6.  The February LEA Full sim monthly art series, presented Artful Nature and Sea Mizin's Redwood Forest.  This exhibit opened February 16th with live music and performances on the small stage in the middle of the forest.  Anyone can still go get on the stage and insert their own stream.  I visited with Enigmatic and he jumped up on stage and entered his stream for a short set or at least long enough for me to take his picture. 

The sim has a little educational factor too as the info. note states in part: "Walk among the California Redwoods. They live and grow to a mystifying age ranging on the upside of 2000 – 3500 years. Respectively known as Coastal Redwoods and Giant Redwoods. Researchers studying these forests remind us how little we know. Such as how many hundreds of years it takes for a mature forest to provide bedding for their sprouts and seedlings. Canopy science reveals an affinity to unexpected creatures.  Be sure to visit, relax and enjoy the sights, especially our visiting critters; and, of course, don't our very own baby redwood grow to full height!" 

Sim Credits: ________________________________________________________
Vicki Firecaster,    Watch her magical scripting grow a Redwood Tree
Nintin,    Critter creator and scriptor of salamanders and banana slugs
Arrehn Oberlander,    Dance Machine, and his latest, The SelfServing Stage
rockmccool,   Critter scriptor 
Harter Fall,    Misty clouds
Derek Sienkiewicz,    Music, DJ, and for space to work, a whole year...Bravo Derek!
Kay Garaguru,    Hours of lessons in patience and sample builds
Johnas Merlin,    Awesome help on build approaches
Kurk Mumfuzz,    Many many reference photos of Muir Woods, 2013
Mel,    Extra photos of Henry Cowell Redwood Park and a place to sleep, 2012/13
Carlos & Lauren,     All their photos of Mariposa Grove, Yosemite 2013
Motoko Oanomochi,    Redwood Tree entrance at LEA5 using 3D&Dreams

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