Saturday, October 1, 2016

Neverland at Calas Galadhon, Halloween sim Opens October 1, 2016

Visit here:

Kara Trapdoor Neverland Calas Galadhon's Halloween sim opens Saturday October 1st!.  Their land info. states: "With the beginning of its 7th year , Calas Galadhon brings SL its 2016 Halloween build 'NEVERLAND' ... the spirit of the season with the mix of beauty and terror that you can expect from CALAS this time of year :)"

The sim by Ty Tenk and Truck meredith is always a crowd pleaser.  They are well known for the Calas Galadhon sims and their special holiday sims that are always amazing.

This sim is simply enchanting.  Amidst all the things of wonder and beauty there are things of danger and horror.  Take a fantasy gondola ride through the area or walk on foot. There is much to see see so keep your eyes open.  You can look for mermaids, caves, monsters, places to pose, rest or dance, and a portal that leads to the events area. The sim is highly detailed and truly a must see sim to explore. I don't want to give it all away with the pictures as it's just the beginning of the season to visit, but it's so big and full I'm sure I didn't see a fraction of it, yet I saw so much.  It's a sim one has to go back to again and again to really see and experience it all. This is truly the quality we've come to expect of Ty and Truck.
(images by Kara and Cash)
neverland collage 1 Neverland collage 2 Neverland pirate Neverland Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland Kara Trapdoor Neverland


  1. Thank you so much Kara. We're so glad that you enjoyed your visit! We look forward to opening up to the public and we hope everyone will come explore. All of our live music events for the month of October will be held at the Pavilion at Neverland, beginning with Samm Qendra on Sunday, October 2 @ 2:00 pm. Costumes encouraged, of course!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful post on Neverland, Kara ... so love your photos!

  3. Thank you, great preview, I already went for a first sight and.. linked your post on my blog! Check it out if you like. Thx