Thursday, September 29, 2016

Forbidden Forest at The Inner Room

:  ForbiddenForest

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The press release states:"Come escape with us on a path to this forbidden forest.. where dangerous beauty and forbidden fruits awake your senses. Dare to run amoung the likes of fellow kind when only the very bare necessity of cloth grazes your body. It's time to experience the forbidden forest!

Essence Bilasimo - 9PM slt
Essence enchants your hearts and lets you feel the true pure emotion that you will hear within every song she sings for us, as we are an Essential part of the experience! She has an endless song list fit for everyone, and always ready to add more! An infectious laugh combined with a golden voice makes this a combination you do not want to miss!

Chillee Hernandoz - 10PM slt
Chillee started singing in SL in September 2012 and has quickly become a very popular member of the live music community. She went from a closet singer with no training to an amazing entertainer. Her excellence in performance and her wonderful humor bring so much to every performance. Chille's roots are in Jazz, but she can sing many genres such as Blues, Pop, Country just to name a few.

ATTIRE: Adam & Eve - Eden - Elven - Fairy - Drow - ect. Let's keep it on two legs please :)


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