Saturday, September 17, 2016

Twin Cities Jam 2016: Our SL Musicians in RL


Check out Gwampa's live stream here during jam hours (hours listed below)
You can even log in to IM with a lot of other SL residents and attendees.

"3 days of live music, unscripted events, food, hydration, more hydration"

 Their Facebook page can be found here:

If you'd like to watch live stream on a big screen in Second Life you can visit Lemonaid Couture the library here;

If you are into the SL music scene you know a bunch of the musicians (and some friends) get together a few times a year in various places such as Minnesota, TX, Florida, and more.  Gwampa usually doing some great live stream for the rest of us to watch the live music and see our favorite SL musicians in RL.  They've been doing this for years and it's really gotten well organized and have a lot of attendees.  They always look like they have a fantastic time and the live stream is fun to watch.

Jam hours are:
All times listed are TWIN CITIES TIME (Central Standard Time).
THURSDAY: 6pm Setup (Mingle/Jam Party for the Early Arrivers that night)
FRIDAY & SATURDAY: 11am - 10pm (Unplugged sessions start at 10pm)
SUNDAY: 11am - 4pm (Break down begins at 4pm - out by 6pm)

Jam organizers for this MN event:

:::::::::::::::{ JAM ORGANIZERS CONTACT }:::::::::::::::
Deb Haas (Taunter Goodnight)
Jess Smith (Triana Caldera)
Rob Brooks (Smidge Frimon)
Paula Wright-McClusky (Paula Leeming)
Suzen Juel (Suzen Juel)
David Devaney (David Devaney)

The musician list as of 9-2-16 but I think I saw one of the wait list persons there already so maybe everyone who wanted in made it.  Attendance was by registration only limited and closed first come first served registration on Facebook in case you are interested in attending any future jams.

Taunter Goodnight
David Devaney
Gandalf Mornington
Grif Bamaisin
Ed Lowell
MrMulti Writer
Dominoe Effect
Cryptic Harmony
Krell Karu
Benude Cleanslate
Zak Claxton
Kat Claxton
Collin Martin
Mimi Carpenter
JueL Resistance
Djembe Dragonfire
Maurice Mistwallow
strum Diesel
thknrdy Diesel
Lyndon Heart
Maximillion Kleene
Kaklick Martin
Mulder Watts
Hojo Warf
Damon Welles
Voodoo Shelton
The Follow
Smidge Frimon
Triana Caldera
heavenlei "lei" lexenstar
Gwampa Lomu
Lita Windstorm
Olyvia DeCuir
still Braveheart
Kat Chauveau
Vette Sweetwater
Desiree Margulis
Renee Bimbogami
Kate Hershey
Duskyrose Deir
ToySoldier Thor
Chelsea Indigo
GMetal Svatur
dakari harbinger
asonga strangelove
Jay Johnson
Agatha Nowes
Tara Reardon
Tyche Szondi
Alyss Whitewood
Lauren6921 "Maddi" Thespian
Bells Semyorka
Phanessa Svenska
Meegan Danitz
Jan Frenburg
Cellandra Zon
Elske Kolbu
Shalea Halostar
Andy Zifer (Pending)
Kat Vargas
Ray Weyland
Luka Mikoyan
Gina Stella
Jullianna Juliesse
Mariner Trilling
Rainstorm Quandry

Here is a snip off the live stream (sorry bad quality my computer and just the moment) of Strum Diesel.  The musicians do some individual, groups, various mixed dual, and even random pairings, they have fun theme nights and i think this evening is crazy shirt night, they are doing a lot of partying and Facebook and Flickr and Twitter are loaded with tons of RL pics of our fav SL musicans at this real event. 

And I hear the mid-atlantic jam will be held in May 2017

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