Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Inner Room Lounge, Back to School Bash

Visit here:

Sept. 17th, 2016
Starting @ 9PM SLT


The press release states:
"Ok, all you naughty students and teachers... it's time for another fun event at The Inner Room. We are having a class reunion, and this one is going to be guaranteed hawt.. hawt ..hawt!! Come join us Saturday night and you just may learn something new or meet a new classmate. No skipping school for this event! ;)

DirtyDee Sweetwater has been around sl for a long time, but has recently returned with a new sound, adding a looper to his repertoire. He is an engaging performer that leaves the audience having a great time and laughing from his double entendres. Musically talented and charismatic DirtyDee Sweetwater offers a performance guaranteed to satisfy.

Toxic Darkmatter
What started as a bit of a joke with her performer friends, turned into a new outlet for her "musical therapy." With a collection of music that's a blend of classic to contemporary, sweet to naughty, Toxie has a rich, sultry voice that can shift gears and really soar. Enjoy jazz? Blues? Rock? A little pop maybe? Check out her song list and bring your requests, be ready to sing along, and let Toxie show you just how much she loves the music she shares.

Attire: School Girl-Librarian-Teacher/Teachers pet- Principal- Professor- Babygirl ectt.
NOTE: Event is naughty/bedroom encouraged"

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