Thursday, September 1, 2016

Taka no Sakura Estate

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Taka no Sakura

I went to see a Toxie (Toxic Darkmatter) live music show tonight and was pleasantly surprised, actually that]s too mild of a statement for what I found when I landed in this new multi-sim area by Kim (kimberlywells).  I was told some of  the sim is under construction but I couldn't tell from all the highly detailed places I saw.  The sim opened last week and apparently I hit their 2nd live music event when Toxie was singing.  I enjoyed the music while camming and then Lee and Lori Winegarden showed me a few "other" places on the sim that can't be seen from ground level camming.  Just WOW! Seriously this is a sim to be seem and enjoyed. They explored some of the animations built into the landscape that were also very realistic and fun.  So what can I say beyond it's a must see sim? Well, there are numerous venues, built obviously in a Japanese style.  I checked the sim info. which reads: "A place of peace, contentment and love.  A recreation of the edo period of Japan. All are welcome, Kimonos are desired but not required.  No nudity except in the onsen (public baths). No sexual conduct of any sort. Violators will be sent home. Now having DJs and Live Music on the sim.  IM me for info.
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Taka No Sakura
This build is amazing.. kudos to Kim!  There are waterways, waterfalls, beautiful boats and beautiful nature areas, numerous buildings and music venues, fishing, a few rentals, hang out areas, pose spots with unique looks to them, a gorgeous church/religious area, underwater places to be discovered as well as magical places in the sky.  This is a multi-visit explore and a place friends will want to come back to again and again for the sim and for the music events. I actually didnt even have time to make it around to see everything as it's so highly detailed and surprisingly easy to move around in for such an amazing place.  I will have to go back again to see it all, and I also look forward to seeing the areas Kim is still working on.

Kim also writes in the welcome note, in part:
 "Welcome to the Taka no Sakura Estate, a group of 4 sims at the moment.  A group built upon the ideas of the Japanese edo period using some of the structures of Ryu 竜 (ryusho Ort). A person now retired but well known his attention to detail, order, symmetry and peace of the edo period. This project has become somewhat like Disneyland to me in that it will never be completely finished.  At any rate, this estate is now open to the public. it is my fondest hope that you come in peace and harmony of spirit and that you enjoy this sim as much as I do.  Peaceful comments to the owner of the sims are always welcome.  It was built as mainly a park sim and a gift to the well meaning people of Second Life. Public event plans are most welcome........Personal Note

This Estate was re-built entirely by me and with the advise of friends.  However, it was originally conceived of by Mika chan 美香ちゃん (Sakiko Shilling) and  油原佐用利 (Sayouri Yuhara). I remain committed to keeping their vision open and alive while mixed with my own. A real East meets West sort of thing;  I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy building it (my 1st sim).

-- Kim the Dragon (KimberlyWells Resident)  August 2nd, 2016"

Taka No Sakura Collage 2 Taka No Sakura Collage 1 Taka no Sakura


  1. Thank you so much for your kind review, Kara. I think you have captured the soul of what I'm about. For an old laptop, you've done very well, grins. But I do hope that people will come and enjoy it for themselves. I come from a long line of entertainment people. We just hope that we make a positive difference in the lives of people we may never know. To me, it's not about the sim itself although I loved building it. It's about the people who enjoy it and come often to meditate or whatever they want to make of it -- Kimberly Wells (McMahon)

    1. Loved building what? All you did was stealing the whole design! You didnt even build one of that yourself, you just copied all of Sayouri Yuhara's stuff and replaced it! You should feel ashamed pretending another one's work as your own! Shame on you!!! You are nothing but a liar and a thief and i hope you burn in hell for what you did!!!

  2. You should know that you are advertising a stolen project here. The Owner of the 4 TnS sims stole the whole design from a person nameed Sayour Yuhara who is the original creator of Taka no Sakura. Kimberly Wells is using her design and the name of the sims without permission and should not be supported since she let Sayouri build the sims and then replace her items by her own stuff. Nothing of that is her own idea and it s sad that people like her get supported here.