Sunday, October 23, 2016

SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience Opens October 23rd

Do You Have What It Takes To Survive?

(I found their trailer on their web site and Youtube/shared here above)

Visit here:
This sim officially opens October 23rd  2pm SLT but has been open while in the works for a little bit  and is already on the destination guide under haunted houses so people are free to start exploring.  SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience runs from Oct 23-Nov 13th.  For more information visit their official web site here:
At the landing you can grab a hud or explore on your own. The BRM Entertainment group is putting it on and Sim Design, concept and everything is all the groups. The Trisks were on hand and they can answer questions if help is needed navigating the sim.  You don't want to miss anything.  They are the designated sim helpers. There are a few notices at landing about suggested lighting, how the experience works,  etc.

Many of us traditionally think of Samhain as the festival of the dead, summer's end and celebration of the end of harvest and the start of the cold half of the year or winter.  It's also known as the beginning of the spiritual new year and often celebrated on Halloween / October 31st. This sim does seem to fit this idea only in a much darker way. I took a few pictures but since it was so late I didn't make it all the way through and look forward to exploring the rest of it.  What I did see was VERY cool.

Be sure to turn up your sounds and click on things.  This is my kind of explore.. very interactive and highly detailed. Some other visitors passed me a flashlight which helped with picture taking and so I wouldn't get so lost.  Be forewarned, there are dangers. There are freebies and prizes. I took  a million pictures.  More can be seen on my Flickr and I took even more in my computer but it was an embarrassingly large number of pics so didn't post them all. The pumpkin patch is really cool.  If you get stuck just forge ahead or ask a Trisk for help.  There are hidden places. The graveyard is fantastic and the main haunted house is very cool with unique effects I haven't seen in SL before. It was super creepy, scary even for real, and I got lost but that was ok as when I went around I saw things I'd missed before. The haunted house is hands down my fav this year! This is a must see sim.

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