Saturday, February 27, 2016

LEA14 WishYou Were Here Opening Party Tomorrow Feb. 28th 1-3pm SLT

Visit here:

Wish You Were Here LEA14 Opening Tomorrow

Starting a Flickr group for pics too:

Open tomorrow Sunday 2-28-16 from 1-3pm SLT .. live music with Josie Anderton and AMForte Clarity.  Dress casual or airline, travel, or world ethnic costume suggested.

OK friends I was awarded a Linden Endowment for the Arts Artist in Residence Land Grant through June.  If you know me well, you know I am neither an artist or a builder so this was a stretch for me but I am grateful to LEA for affording me this opportunity to expand on a concept I've had in mind since last summer with this land award.  Actually with the help of friends I think I have this place ready for visitors!  I hope you all can come visit and hang out and have some fun.  Thanks to LEA and the following contributors:
Building and Gallery assist: Greg Parker and Ryde Thor
Soundgarden modules: Sonicity Fitzroy
First LIfe pictures by invitation: Josie Anderton, Igor Ballyhoo, JayT Foxtrot, Dido Haas, Mimi Juneau, Alles Klaar, Collin Martin, Avi Meridoc, Agatha Nowles, Frenchy25 Resident, Johannes1997 Resident, Sonrisa Seminario, Cinn Sommers, Gabrielle Swindelhurst, Toysoldier Thor, Kara Trapdoor, and Valiant Westland.

Wish you were here…… at the grand opening of Linden Endowment for the Arts LEA14 Artist In Residence sim.
You are cordially invited!  
What:  “Wish You Were Here” is a collaborative exhibit celebrating connections made in SL and learning more about first and Second Life locations and friends from around the world.
When: Sunday February 28th 1-3pm SLT
         1pm SLT Josie Anderton
         2pm SLT AMForte Clarity 
          and Monday the 29th at 8pm SLT Collin Martin
Where: Linden Endowment for the Arts LEA14 sim
Why: Official sim opening party with live music
How: Come dressed casually or in airline, travel, or ethnic costumes from around the world
Who: Everyone is invited by Kara Trapdoor & LEA

Welcome to LEA14 “Wish You Were Here”
"Wish You Were Here" is an airport setting with large airplane galleries that have first life picture postcards inside from around the world by SL residents and smaller Second Life picture postcards from around the grid that give landmarks when touched.  The sim is surrounded by vignettes representing various worldwide landscape types for visiting and for photography and machinima that can be shared on the Flickr group if desired. The idea is about learning more about both worlds  we enjoy and meeting new friends from around the world.   The sim story line follows Mitch and Krystal who meet in an airport, exchange information, then send each other educational postcards about their travels as they venture on their separate journeys.  They continue to learn about each other and the world and eventually meet up again in Second Life where they explore SL sims that are similar to RL and also find extra things SL has to offer such as the  “not possible in real life” sims to explore together.  Perhaps you will see pictures from some of your SL friends in the exhibit or even of your own SL sim.  Some other funs things to see and do in LEA14 include: contribute your own RL pictures if desired, kayak, hot air balloon, several games, zip line, fly up to the not possible in real life two level fantasy area for exploring, dancing, and enjoying the lower level sound garden, join the mile high club, parachute, dance in the airport party room and around the sim, and much more.  Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay,   Kara Trapdoor

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