Friday, February 12, 2016

Isle of View -Linden Labs Valentine's Day Sim and Events

Visit Isle of View  here: or here:

The annual Linden Lab Valentines Day sim is open at Isle of View.   Today  Feb 12th 10 am to 2pm and again 2-4pm SLT residents can have a chance at hugging a Linden, dunking a Linden and more.  I visit every year but usually miss out on the Linden event as I work during the week day hours. One year they had the kiss the Lindens and they'd give you their teddy bears too.  Last year they had a cool boat ride and lots of freebies and when I visited today (yes I was home off work today) I noted they still have the romantic swan boat rides again. While there you can also enjoy fireworks and run through fields of botanically beautiful landscapes!  The sim windlights start out a cool dark red but I soon lightened mine up so I could have a good look at things. Try the red first though.. it's fun.
 This is always a cute thing to do as a Valentine treat and this year it's even better in that you can purchase a few items for just 50L with proceeds going to Team Fox.  The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research  Some of the items available include roses, candy hearts, bears, chocolate and more that you can send to a friend, loved one, or even yourself.

So while I was there I took a ton of pictures especially of the Lindens as I've never been in the company of so many Lindens before other than perhaps that time I hit Isle of View many years ago during this event and I didn't take pics then. 

Isle of view 2016 Linden collage 1 Linden collage 2 Isle of view 2016 Isle of view 2016 Kara and Torley Isle of view 2016 Simon Linden and Taffy Criss Isle of view 2016 Simon Linden Isle of view 2016 Torley and Samanthafaye Isle of view 2016 Marianne Mccane Isle of view 2016 Isle of View Torley Linden isle of view

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