Friday, February 12, 2016

Loose Nuts SL Love is Strange Party Tonight 5-8 pm SLT Sat, and Sunday Too!

Loose Nuts.  Visit here:

On a tip from my friend Greg Parker I ran over to check out Loose Nuts, at Nut's Landing.  This is a rotating party/dance sim owned by Delia Claremont with builds by her and DJ Dune (Dunerunner), Pross (prosperine2), and Hepburn.  I happened to catch their Mardi Gras build before the party and took a few pics then came back while Dune was putting some finishing touches on the "SL Love is Strange"  or sort of a Out of This World anti-Valentines day Valentines party build where there will be a party open to the public tonight from 5-8pm SLT, then 5-8 Saturday and again Sunday, Valentines day from 4:30-7:30pm SLT.  

Ok, I must emphasize here that this place is very cool and not your average party or club time dance area.  They make these builds and boy do they make them.  The pictures do not do them justice.  They have an amazing fully immersive look and feel to them, with vignette areas to play and interact, photo booths and photo ops, games, fun things to see and do and they are fully decorated and surrounded.  Apparently they have these themed rotating events regularly and do new builds for them along with having a consistent club on the ground and a current winter barn area too.  These are great explores and photo opportunities too. Hint: look for hidden areas too!  Hope to see you there! nuts landing_006 nuts landing_007 nuts landing_008 nuts landing_003 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_004 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_001 nuts landing mardi gras tipping point 147, 119, 946_002

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