Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cica Ghost's Little Town Opens Tomorrow 10-30-14

Visit here:

 "The inhabitants of Cica Ghost's Little Town have all disappeared for the day -- or maybe they're just hiding -- giving you a chance to explore their quirky, curious, humorous and delightful island."  Cica Ghost is at it again with the opening tomorrow 10-30-14 of her latest build, "Little Town at Taboo Rock".  Quite a few people were hanging out today although the official opening is tomorrow,  but people do come in out droves to see the sometimes delightful and sometimes quirky builds Cica does once the word goes out. This one is great with a sort of steampunk meets Dr. Seuss feel to it, with oddly shaped buildings, gears and whatnot.   At the landing you can pick up a free flying ventilator to help you explore airbound or just enjoy and there are also unique steampunk looking little cars one can drive around to explore as well. Even the music fits this eclectic sim that is so rich in texture and fun shaped buildings and objects. A fun place to visit! 

                    (Cica in black dress below.  Me in bottom pics in vehicle and flying ventilator)
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