Saturday, October 11, 2014

UWA Transcending Borders. Enter Now. Closes Oct 31st.

UWA Transcending Borders

(Ad poster by Eliza Wierwight)

Be sure to visit the official UWA Web site with all rules and details.
Visit inworld here:

On a personal note I will be helping to judge this round.  I have enjoyed perusing the art and machinima in the past and even won audience participation prizes. (this is a fun way to be involved and win even if not contributing to the actual contest --see their blog for details.)

Visit here: Part of their press release /initial info. about this states..."
"University of Western Australia (UWA) is happy to announce the launch of Machinima UWA VII and the 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge, with a starting prize pool of L$545,000 each. The theme is "TRANSCENDING BORDERS".  Sponsored by Tom Papas and SciFi Film Festival, LaPiscean Liberty, SL Artist, AviewTV, Arrehn Oberlander and MetaHarpers, Kip Yellowejacket and Virtlantis, Taralyn Gravois and Arts Castel Gallery, TheDoveRhone and Peace is a Choice and S&S Gallery of Fine SL Art, Barbie Alchemi of Creations for Parkinsons, Jon Stubbs, UWA Student Services, as well as the UWA Virtual Worlds Project.  The prize pool sits at L$1,090,000 (approx. USD 4,200).  We hope you are inspired by this to create many wondrous works of art and film as you have been through the years! (Please note the major rules and special prize guidelines as well as the Audience Participation Prizes for watching the machinima.  These will be on the UWA Blog and SLArtist)"

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