Sunday, January 3, 2016

Share your LL Love with the RL World!

Today I logged in to SL to find a new Firestorm message on the opening screen, and thought I'd share it here in case you missed it.  The message was about a new opportunity to share the reasons you love Second Life with others.  Please review their web site here:

I always think it's great to let others know about the good things in SL and why many of us keep coming back.  It often gets a bad rap for the "adult" content even though that's a factor many love too, but there is so so much more to it than that and many of us in enjoying a huge variety of great opportunities and things from live music, to the arts, to socialization, to building/designing and being creative in many ways, etc. and I believe others should know about this.

Here is an excerpt: "We're very excited with our first six landing pages that have now received thousands of new visits.  Best of all, new sign-ups are beginning to roll in!  Thank you to all who have shared these pages with your RL contacts and please continue to do so. 

Now that we've launched the pages, we're ready to start improving them by adding testimonials from Second Life users to replace the current stock reviews we have there now."

Anyway, here is an opportunity you might enjoy being a part of.  Be sure to check the rest of it out on the Firestorm page linked above.

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