Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year my SL Friends, and the Annual New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year!

My annual New Years Resolutions here are also listed in the January 1, 2016 Windlight Magazine along with some from the other staff.  They also have 2016 predictions which are super funny, sweet, and interesting too! Be sure to check them out as those clever people have some great ones.  And now about mine, this is something I've been doing almost every year on my blog since inception that I've become redundant and a tad boring this year but the predictions are much more fun which I encourage you to look for when the mag is released tomorrow or on their website here:
Past years... in looking back I guess I have been a little different over the years more so than I thought.
2016 New Years Resolutions:
And so here we go again...... 
1. Stop getting too attached to certain people.
2. A little more RL /SL balance.
3. Clean up inventory. (this is truly an annual resolution that basically is broken the moment it's typed-and no I will no longer reveal how large my inventory is.)
4.Be a better friend and focus on the one I'm with and continue to help noobs.
5. Stop taking stuff so seriously.
6. Always remember to wear clean underwear, or any underwear, or at least an alpha.
7. Embrace my inner child as often as possible.
8. Go easier on myself.
9. Thank people more for their hard work and cool things they make and do.
10. Try something new as often as possible.
And in reality they tend to be about the same every year and never really pan out.. so my stand-by is "I'm not doing resolutions this year, nobody likes a skinny sober bitch anyway".   Can I say that bad word in the magazine?  Oh, well.  ; ) - see last years resolutions!____________________________________________________
Here is something that was posted in the UWA group today which I got permission to repost here as I found it charming and the last part so true about SL and wanted to share it with you all:
Carmsie Melodie: A thought for 2016 ... “Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realise it! Life is a game, play it! Life is love, enjoy it!” (Sri Sathya Sai Baba) I hope 2016 is your BEST year ever!
Shiloh Emmons: I would like to add:  If you can Dream it... You CAN Achieve it!!
Carmsie Melodie: ... or make it in SL ... rofl
And finally, there are MANY great New Years parties in SL but here is one that I'm sure will be fun as they always have cool stuff going on:
Thu, Dec 31 2015 2:05:35 PM PST
Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve Bash is celebrating its 8th year in SL, and is taking the party to the *NEW* Las Vegas this year! Imagine, nearly 24 hours of PARTY!! Get your glam on, we'll send the limo! Come experience.... * Times Square in SL * * Awesome light show * * SL's Original 'Ball Drop' Event * * The Party of the Year, presented by the Winner of the "Best Holiday Sim in SL"!! * Direct SLURL: Isle De Casanova (119,98,1501)

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