Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Winters Tale, Luciano Lionheart 12 19 15

Yesterday I attended this very elegant Holiday Concert by Luciano Lionheart along with Jae Sands and Viviana Houston.  Luciano was streaming live from Norway, Jae from the states and Viviana from Italy.  Where else but SL can one see and hear such a lovely concert as this with musicians around the world?  It was a gorgeous and very classy event with beautiful décor, reserved assigned seating, a lovely orchestra by The Music Island Team, and an absolutely amazing cathedral setting by Abel Dreamsceape who is working on some amazing builds we will soon see more of. Our hostess was Lola De La Tour  (lolasirena).   Some favorite Christmas songs and hymns were sung by Luciano who was joined by Jae and Viviana in a couple of them and although not planned it was going so well I turned on my recorder and captured Luciano's last song, O Holy Night, played here with his permission.  The video does not do justice to the experience, but I hope you can grasp a little of what we enjoyed and what Second Life has to offer. 

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