Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Would You Like a Free Live Music Show?

Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Katalin/244/211/22

WSLP T-shirt Raffel for Free Show

Would You Like a Free Live Music Show?
I know I would.  And that's part of the reason I went over to the Whispering Sands Life Promotions Listening Library over at Kennedys and took MAlt, you know, my male alt brother MitchL, to get a guy version of their cool t-shirt, and he and I posed for a pic in front of  their promo/sale board.  When you purchase their shirts off the board there you are automatically entered into a raffle drawing and the winner gets a show of choice from their musicians in Jan. So while MitchL looks hot in his black shirt with the cool WSLP logo on back, he has a chance to win too! While there you can subscribe to get a daily list of where their musicians are playing and times for each day.  You can also relax in the couch or hang out and see more about their musicians and listen to some of their music.  The fronts of the mesh shirts are classic black in a good cut so MitchL looks great.  They have male and female versions and for L250 its a good deal PLUS the chance to win a show. These will be good to wear to their many shows as they promo a ton of the best SL life musicians and keep adding in more all the time.  Good luck! (I'm just being nice saying good luck .... cause I really want to win the show myself-LOL-but really, go get yours and we can all match and be twines at an event and show our support for the talent!) Also check out their web site for much more info. here: http://wslpromo.net/

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