Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Wonderland by Linden Labs

Visit here:

Tonight I checked out the Linden Lab featured news regarding LL's annual Winter Wonderland, home of the LL snowball fight and fun winter park area.  be sure to note their discount on premium membership and benefits.

linden realms portal park_013 linden realms portal park_029

First I went to Linden Portal Park (for premium members only) to find really cool landscaping and teleport areas to the places they run and picked up my free premium member gifts.   Visit here:

Then on to LL Winter Wonderland where the scenery and sounds are as impressive as the things to play in which include skiing, snowboard and snowmobile riding, free gifts, ferris wheel, many amazing sights, a village with free gifts and a glowy colored ice place at the base of the snowball fight castle area.  Beware of the rock avalanche, bouncy ice, a random giant ice lake moster, and a special fireworks display at the top of each hour.  Well worth a visit....or many, so be sure to check it out.  When I stopped in I saw Crap Mariner, then later I hung out to blog and tped in a bunch of friends and got some pics with my good friend Kathy Nikolaidis, Blake Ripley and of course the ice lake monster.

linden realms portal park_024 linden realms portal park_019 linden realms portal park_003 linden realms portal park_004 linden realms portal park_017

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