Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cica Ghost's: Roots

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Today I visited Cica Ghost's latest installation, "Roots".

Cica Ghost in "Roots"

She showed up on the sim so I grabbed the above pic of Cica. Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost .
Once again I really enjoyed her sim.  She always keeps me interested with her unique and whimsical builds in her often sort of steampunky, oddly shaped homes this time with roots and trees growing through them, run down and with sim info. stating: "The people have gone... the village remains, and time and nature now live here ..."  There is a giant snail or slug with a small house atop it that moved about the sim, birds, hot air balloons you can ride around and all sorts of odd sort of run down trees, sticks, gears, etc, along with pretty flowers.  I rode a balloon a while then followed the path a ways and took a pic of myself in the sim for perspective.  The sim music and windlight settings really add to the experience so be sure to at least try her presets.  The sim opened today so you should have plenty of time to visit.
Cica Ghost "Roots" Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost Roots by Cica Ghost


  1. I love your pictures, I alos really like Cica's installations. To see the ruins of her prior exhibits taken over by the march of time and nature, makes me cry a little. Orange blossoms ascend upward showing that what is past may yet have new life.

  2. Thanks for saying that about the pictures! And yes. Cica's stuff is great.