Friday, January 22, 2016

HIgh Water: A Great Place to Explore Again

Visit here:

Today I noticed blogger Ziki Questi blogged about High Water a sim I really love.  I blogged in previously here:

And you can read Ziki's current post here:

So I stopped back in again and sure enough I ran into sim owner and creator Morton Funk again and had a nice chat with him and snapped a few more pics.  This is a super relaxing and beautiful water based photographic sim that works well with many windlights so check it out some time.  If you visited before you will note Morton has changed it up a little excluding so much of the art of others but is now more of a minimalist nature setting with some new beautiful additions. High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk High Water with Morton Funk


  1. It's a lovely sim, and thanks much for the mention!

  2. I used to hang out there off and on it's so beautiful and relaxing but for some reason I thought it was down (possibly during the changes), so tyvm for posting about it which took me back to it and also for always posting so many great places to visit! When I stand still for a minute myself, you and Inara are my go-to blogs, so I'm always thankful you keep on posting and you do it so well!