Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Second Life Current News Tidbits

I've been finding some interesting things inworld and on other's social media sites today. 

Second Life Hits German SpeigelTV:  I first saw news of this German SpiegelTV report inworld via the MadPea group then noticed it on Twitter and other blogs. While it's in German it's still somewhat understandable with a focused newslike report on the UNIA point and click game w/in SL that is going on right now.  Maybe you will recognize someone's avatar.  Check it out here:

The New Second Life Code Name:  Next I found some new current info. on the SL 2 they are working on, namely, the codename with direct source here on Twitter here: Apparently they are referring to it as "ProjectSansar".  I'm guessing the final name might be quite different. New World Notes and comments about this can be found here:

Oculus Rift News: Living in a Modemworld here: and Daniel Voyager's Blog here:  both give some of the latest new about the much awaited Oculus Rift, consumer version shipping in 2016 with pre-orders late 2015.
Original source here:

New major Firestorm update here:

And finally some SL health news: The Use of Virtual World-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation to Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Choices Among Cardiac Patients: Intervention Development and Pilot Study Protocol: Interesting study proposal in JMIR Publications, the leading ehealth publisher here: :

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