Thursday, May 14, 2015

Forty Two Main Store at Snatch City

Visit here :

So I was out looking for a nice light skin so I could style up a Khaleesi from Game of Thrones for an event and I was having a hard time finding just the right one.  Just when I was getting frustrated I met Faedra Forty Two (Faedra42).  She passed me a light version of her skin Trillian that worked out well for what I needed and later made and gave me a hud for matching slink hands and feet and some eyebrows.  She made the skins in a variety of tones and gave me a lm to her new store.  (see above) She's also working on skins for the mesh avs too.  She has experience in SL with products in the past and is now focusing on her store Forty Two, so have a look some time.  Of course I styled mine up to look like Khaleesi but I will show her ad pic too.

Untitled Game of Thrones.jpg 42  Trillian
(bottom pic is ad pic from Forty Two for Trillian skin/I didn't take the ad pic)

And if you want the rest of my Khaleesi style info. here it is:
Skin: Trillian by Forty Two
Shape: my own
Hair: Hazel by Truth, light blonds
Gown: Kallisto by Gizza
Dragon Prop: Khaleesi by Virtual Props and Poses (ironically I've had this for years now)
White Set: The White Rooms by Exposeur
Baby Dragon: Danny Dragon by Blackburns (I got off marketplace)

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