Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Last Chance Today to Visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here/Next Round Winners Announced

Visit here:

 Last chance to visit LEA14 Wish You Were Here. The sim is coming down Thursday evening June 30.  If you visit be sure to go into the airport welcome center and use the many teleport doors to various areas as it beats walking /flying around and takes you to the main specific locations.  Inside the big airplanes is RL photography by SL residents from around the world, some from persons I'm sure you will recognize. The fantasy skybox has two levels the lower level being a fun soundgarden. Lots to see and play on throughout the sim. It's based on making RL/SL connections with people from around the world and learning from each other more about both worlds we live in.  Thanks for everyone whose visited, blogged, took pics, came to events, contributed pictures, and hung out playing games and having fun. It's been fun. HUGE thanks to LEA for this opportunity. I'm looking forward to the next round of builds. (see below)

LEA14 Wish You Were Here

Visit the LEA site for more info. or to apply for free endowed land for artistic creativity here: and

The next round of full sim LEA winners are: Lemonodo Oh Krystali Rabeni Subversive Vavoom Tahiti Rae Storm Septimus Giovanna Cerise Marcus Parrott Lorin Tone Art Blue Mac Kanashimi Ceakay Ballyhoo Aquaglo Dame Roxan Levi Ewing Diiar Resident Mahnong Guardian Michael Wexhome Bufera Resident Fennet Medora Chevalier.  Congrats!

Now I just need to clear my land.  ; )  Thanks everyone, it's been a fun run.

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