Sunday, June 26, 2016

LEA14 Closing Week Events Today at 7 and 8pm SLT

Today Sunday 6-26-16 Live Music Events at LEA14
7pm SLT Essence in the Airport Party Room
Sorry for the the change in times from previously scheduled. Landing for Essence in the Party Room:
8pm SLT Toxie in the Fantasy Area:
Help us kick off closing week for this round of LEA Artists in Region 
The sim is about RL and SL connections in RL and in SL with a general airplane theme with RL pictures from SL residents including artists such as Igor Ballyhoo and Toysoldier Thor and singers like Joise Anderton and Collin Martin and many SL friends from around the world  Don't miss out as the galleries are actually inside the airplanes and there are lots of fun things to see and play on in the sim.  Thanks for visiting.  The new round of LEA artists in residence will begin July 1.
LEA14 Closing Week Events, see note below

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