Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Gathering by Bryn Oh

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"The Gathering", a current immersive build by SL/RL artist Bryn Oh, opens Dec. 1.  Bryn made this video which makes for a great teaser.   Bryn invited some people in for an early entry sneak peek and I was able to go in explore, and take some pictures.  Once again Bryn amazes me with not only a imaginative build, but exceptional use of light, sounds, materials, shadows, optional unique travel mode (wall walking), story, and this super cool projector room.   Be sure to follow the simple directions on how to enable sun/moon/shadows and instructions on how best to enjoy, including how to use the wall walkers if desired.  I desired and enjoyed.

As usual, initially I was a little confused about the overall goal, but who really needs a goal when it comes to exploring Bryn's builds. The gist of "The Gathering" is a story in poem format with a series of 2 /3 D hand draw picture scenes about a party crashing creature who has some odd behaviors.   I'm a permanoob so the wall walker took a minute to get under control but once I did it was a lot of fun and I played around excessively with them repeatedly just for the heck of it in various areas.  There is a whole lot to do besides making ones way around the build successfully (avoid the rolling balls that send a person back to the start) including finding places that enhance the whole experience such as the projector room which may have been my favorite part of the place.  I also really love the rainy room that house umbrella girl and mechanical tentacle thingy.  I was able to successfully maneuver my way around, enjoy it all plus catch a lot of other little fun things around that could be missed if not paying close attention.

I  love love love this and highly recommend everyone visit.  Turn up your sounds, follow the simple instructions for optimal enjoyment and grab some cool gacha items associated with the build at the landing.  I took a ton of pics and while this is something one really has to fully experience as an immersive build to appreciate, I don't want to  even begin to spoil with my simple pictures so I'll just show a few I took and recommend everyone go and visit to get the full feel of the place.  The video gives you an idea of how eerie the place feels when traveling the shadowy dark area, hearing the sounds, and seeing the giant deadly balls come rolling toward you while trying to make your way to the safety of the interesting areas to explore. 

December 1st. 

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