Sunday, November 8, 2015

Happening Things Around the Grid

I've been getting a little behind on SL things lately but will catch you up with some of the things I've been up to via my latest "Happening Things Around the Grid" audio piece that premieres each Sunday during the SL Live Radio Slowbake show with DJ Soni and aired additionally throughout the week.  This week went as follows:

Hi all you Slowbake SL Live Radio fans.  It's Kara Trapdoor of Kara's korner Second Life Adventures Blogger blog spot here again with your weekly "Happening Things Around the Grid" review.

There are always new exciting things going on around the grid and you might notice some pretty hot new avies running around as Lind Labs recently released some cool new start avatars.


I'd like to mention singer Skye Galaxy is back on the grid again for a brief fall lineup that can be found on his profile for times and locations as well as on his manager's Lo block.  that's Skye spelled SKYE and you don't want to miss his highly popular shows.

Skye Galaxy 11-7-15 at The Refuge

Saturday I attended the grand opening of the VIP Room part of the new Inner Room adult lounge.  This classy upscale adult hang out has plenty of events planned and is sure to become a popular place as they had many in attendance and the place is very well designed.


I've also been attending events over at the Art in Hats 2015 event that runs through November 14th.  This is a cool event benefitting Team Diabetes and the American Diabetes Foundation.  There is even a guest hat design completion with a free box of supplies anyone can enter and I will be helping to judge so be sure to check out this fun event with some unique hats and art by SL's top artists and designers.

Art in Hats 2015 Logo

Another fundraisers is the Winter Festival for Team Fox benefitting Parkinsons' research.  They are already in full swing with a lot of great music at Creation's Park.  This event runs through November 15th.  Visit here:

The Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt runs through November 30th in conjunction with MadPea and if you check out the Firestorm website you can learn about opportunities to help with the new Linden Lab Gateway Project.

If you like the arts, Windlight Gallery has a new exhibit with an opening party November 15th from 4-6pm SLT for their November and December exhibit.

November-December-Windlight Art Gallery Opening Poster

One of my favorite and certainly the largest live musician management team, Whispering Sands LIve Promotions keeps adding musicians and venues to their well organized group and now you can hear their music right on their web site or relax in their new listening lounge while checking out their artists selections.

For all you artists out there remember it's time again to apply for a Linden Endowment for the Arts land grant.  Just check out their web site for details.

The United Football League in SL is hosting a March of Dimes charity auction of football players and cheerleaders that runs through November 16th. 

And for all you shoppers the Fantasy Gacha Carnival is in full swing running through December 6th.

That's all we have time for today but check out the blog Kara's Korner for more details and links.

And be sure to tune in or visit the studio Sunday afternoons from noon to 2pm when Happening Things Around the Grid premieres on the DJ Soni Slowbake Sl Live radio show.

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