Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Last night Tuesday 11-24-15 at 5pm SLT I was at the Night Moves venue which is part of the well known Key West area and they had a lineup of live music, as the area very frequently does.  So, there it was I finally got to see and hear the 4 man group QuadRadiX comprised of Maximillion Kleene (Niagra Falls Canada) on guitar and lead vocals, Sabian Inglewood (New Hampshire) on drums, Benude Cleanslate (Austin TX) on base guitar, and DennyMac (New York) on lead guitar and it sounded like the guys sort of all joined in a various times/songs for the vocals. There are a lot of musicians sharing their music in SL now days and more and more seem to be collaborating either dual streaming, there is a group of 3 guys also often singing/playing together and now we have QuadRadiX this group of 4 men each who have established themselves in SL individually as musicians now coming together for some fun times for all.  When they introduced themselves they stated where they were streaming from so you can see they are across the country coming together in SL as a band... how cool is that!  And they did a great job too!  Large groups of the musicians meet up periodically in RL in various places around the states (most recent was in TX as I previously blogged) for some jamming together fun social time.  Anyway.. now these guys are doing it in SL too.   As you can see from the pics they drew a very large crowd too.  Great job guys, I look forward to more!

QuadRadiX QuadRadiX

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