Thursday, November 5, 2015

The VIP Grand Opening Nov 7

VIP LOUNGE GRAND OPENING The press release states:
~The Inner Room VIP Lounge Proudly presents~
                                ~The Black & White GRAND OPENING VIP Party~
                                                    ~Saturday, Nov. 7th, 2015~
                                                    ~The fun starts at 9pm slt!~
                                          SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES BY:
                                                  Essence Bilasimo LIVE 9-10pm slt
                                                          DJ Chris 10-12am slt
    *The Black & White Party attire is anything black or white, classy or risqué depending on your own personal preference.*                                                                                                                  

"You enter the lounge, the smell of cigars and alcohol invade your senses. The music vibrates through your soul as your eyes adjust to the bodily visions dancing within. This night you are thirsty for laughs, for fun, or to find yourself something a little more sinful to indulge in. The night is yours, and you will feel it come alive as you make your way to the dance floor. Who will you notice?.. who will notice you? Your presence is felt all around the room as you eye every possible opportunity to take this night to new heights.
  Join us tonight in a place of real escapes better known as our VIP Lounge. How far you go tonight only depending on your willingness to stimulate your own pleasurable appetite.
  Note: ◈«-»◈ This is an Adult sim we ask that everyone visiting represent The Inner Room as respectful adults. Sorry, NO one under 60 days of sl age permitted in the lounge. This rule is in place for a variety of reasons. NO child avatars or animal avatars in the club. Please show respect to all visitors ~ No over spam of gestures while visiting the VIP event. ABSOLUTELY NO harassment, griefing, crude actions toward our guests, nor drama within the lounge. This is a 24/7 hour lounge open to the public, and will be watched over carefully to ensure a great experience for all of our visitors."

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