Friday, November 27, 2015


I caught up with Krysania Kjeller Eramos (Krysaniaa) at Completely Customized Weddings music venue singing the Cupcakesaurus song in the virtual world of Second Life. She sings a wide variety of cool songs well, but again I picked a silly one to record.

I had never heard her before and she sang a few songs I requested... diff genre.... and did them very well.  When she started to sing this I new I had to turn on the recorder and share her here. 

Her bio states: "Showtimes!

(Use this if the first link doesn't work: )

Krysania's Bio!
Krysania Eramos is an acoustic musician, singer, and artist hailing from the beachy suburbs of Los Angeles, California.  Her sound is primarily dubbed as eclectic, with acoustic covers that range from oldies to 90's, 2000's, Disney, Comedic, Top 40s, and indie-folk music. Krysania plays a few originals as well, and really enjoys interacting and making friends with her audience members

In RL, Krysania is an interdisciplinary artist pursuing an MFA in Interdiscplinary Art and Media. She hopes to one day be a professor to allow artists to express like they have never expressed themselves before.

If you would ever like to book Krysania for a performance, she may be called on request. PM Krysaniaa Resident with times and rates if you would like to get connected!"

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