Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Station, Grand Opening Party Monday 9-9-13

Visit here:

There is a brand new club, The Station, in Second Life with a Steampunk theme that is holding it's grand opening Monday Sept 9th, 2013.  I have been running around this sim totally impressed with the build by Enigmatic Deir that has amazing textures, great scripts and animations and fun finds throughout.  The sim not only has this great club, but it also has a dual theater that people can book for events for free, there's a variety of steampunk vehicles and many fun secret and not so secret areas to find that will be perfect for exploring, photography, and visiting with friends and couples. This is a great explore all the way around and the club is destined to be a hit.  Their press release and opening information is as follows:

"A new stream punk rock club is opening sept 9 @ 4-10pm slt.  Cj Rock Club at the Station . SL's most unique club is here with steam trains, casinos, 2 stages, a whole dead city & amp; floating city, Sling shot ride, and Rentals for u to enjoy, live here, play here, and Rock at CJS 
 Sponsored by Black Pearl.  Featuring  Black Pearls  signature designs, AVATARS, and models

           1ST PLACE 1000LS GIFT CARD
           2 ND PLACE 500L  GIFT CARD
           3TH  PLACE 250L GiFT CARD
           1000ls cash prize
          COME AS YOU ARE
          DJ Mystic and host Tai afterthought  
           6-8 m 500ls cash prize
           500LS gift card
           250ls gift card
           100ls gift card
          COME AS YOU ARE
          DJ DOUBLE D AND HOST Gokulnath
          8-10 pm 500l cash prize
          500LS gift card
          250ls gift card
          100ls gift card"

The Station by Kara 2
                                                  (Sneak peek pic of the club area)
The Station by Kara 2
(Cammed out view of the sim area-some of the balloons have rooms and fun places to find)
Chris at The Station by Kara 2
(Chris62Graybeard will be running the club with a full experienced staff)
Enigmatic by Kara 2
(Builder/sim owner, Egnimatic Deir) 
                                   Visitors tomorrow will receive the club jacket and t-shirt
 The Station by Kara 2

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