Saturday, January 17, 2015

Josie and George in SL

Visit Josie Anderton's official blog spot for more info. schedule, and other things she likes and does in SL here:
I met Josie when I was pretty new or about 5 plus years ago.  She was into making beautiful photos in SL at that time and was just getting started singing in SL at the encouragement of friends.  I find it amazing she's not had any formal musical training yet sings like a bird.  After these few years she's one of SL's well known and highly sought after singers for events.  She sings to back tracks and has a great personality which adds to her show.  She has back up dancers now in matching outfits and some traditional songs like the can can song where regulars switch to their purple showgirl dresses and dance along.  Even her longtime boyfriend, George Downs, puts on the dress, which is quite fun since they are tiny little dresses, his complete with long braided hair and full feminine outfit. (so wrong it was right/from both sides) And he wasn't the only guy who went along with this.  Always fun times with Josie.

Speaking of George, Josie threw a great birthday party today for George who is super supportive of her shows and is also a big part of the fun with the regulars.  I stopped in and got these photos from the party.   I noted at one point there were 68 people in the sim.  It was a great party turnout.  Josie always draws crowds and she and George are well loved by many.  I've blogged her before several times but felt it was time again.  She even pretty regularly sings "In My Life" substituting Second Life at my suggestion a long time ago and does an amazing job of it.  Anyway, it was a great show and party today. Happy birthday George!

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