Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Pillars: Four moments of Contemplation by Oberon Onmura at Split Screen

Visit Split Screen here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amra/128/128/22

The Pillars: Four Moments of Contemplation by Oberon Onmura - @ Split Screen Art Installation Space

Per Oberon's Note regarding this exhibit: "This work is an installation which embodies terraforming, complex scripted objects, and bots. A "forest" of vertical mounds is inhabited by four avatars, each enclosed in a unique soundscape and constrained to a single animation. A plain white chair beside each avatar invites the viewer to sit and contemplate each small scene.
It looks best with shadows and water reflections enabled.

So the scene is these fog-topped large pillar like structures born up from the ground, standing in a water base that per windlight settings seems to have it's own moving design or texture.  There are birdlike objects flying overhead in a peach colored sky. There are occasional flashes or flickers of light or perhaps a slight shift in paradigm from time to time.  There are 4 bots, GuyMinion, IIlyaMinion. DanaMinion, and HanMinion each on their own small platform a portion of the way up the side of one of the pillars next to a chair visitors can sit on and contemplate while listening to the unusual sounds in the area.  Each apparently asexual nude red bot has a different repetitive movement, one writhing on the ground. another spinning with arms extended, another bent in anguish or possibly submission, etc. that left me me contemplating things most likely not intended by the artist.  Go check it out for yourself. The exhibit runs now through October.  Quite interesting.

Split Screen info;
Dividni Shostakovich
Curator, Split Screen Installation Space

(The first photo is provided by Oberon/Split Screen at the landing and the next is one I took while visiting.)

Split Screen, Oberon Onmura - The Pillars
Split Screen. Pillars

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