Thursday, August 25, 2016

Library, By Cica Ghost

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The sim description simply says....

"''The only thing that you absolutely MUST know, is the location of the library.''

- Albert Einstein""

I totally love this build by Cica Ghost, possibly because I could never get enough time in the library as a child growing up in spite of spending long summer hours in the library and then continued that love for libraries and books at each move in life.  This giant open air library that miniatures the avatars, is filled with stacks, shelves, and messy piles of books.  There are many seating/pose spots, you just have to click around to find some that are not so obvious.  There are fun things to find such as the cats that double as dance intans, and mushrooms, and various other unexpecteds, some of which are also pose spots, so click away.  The build is somewhat quirky again just like I love to see from Cica Ghost who happens to be one of my all time fave SL immersive artists.  She has quite a few great builds on her resume most of which I've blogged (check out her profile or search my search bar).  This might be one of my favorites by her too, although I might say that every time I blog her.  But this subject matter appeals to me as as does the build itself and the whimsical nature of the look about all her builds.  Be sure to visit her store and tip the sim if you can at the landing so that Cica continues to enhance our SL with her wonderful builds. Click around, cam around, run around, dance around, pose around, snap pics, play with a friend, enjoy.  The sim opened today and I have no clue how long it will run.  She often lets them run a while open ended until they are just gone and lately has been providing little to no description but this is apparently self explanatory or draw your own conclusions as to the meaning.  To me, I just enjoy it.

Library by Cica Ghost Library by Cica Ghost Library by Cica Ghost And then Cash read me a goodnight story at the Library... good night: ) Library by Cica Ghost

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  1. I made a video there because I loved it. Now, at least we have photos and videos to remember that beautiful and magical place :)