Monday, January 14, 2013

Split Screen Situation

Split Screen Situation by Kara 2
Split Screen Situation, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

My friend Emma Portilo and I were wandering around Split Screen art installation wondering which famous artists will be having the next exhibit since they run every other month and this is the off month when the artists build their immersive installations.  Owner and curator Dividni Shostakovich was nowhere to be found but we stumbled upon this unusual pile of Bryn Oh dolls at the landing area.  We heard rumor Divi was frustrated  having a hard time maneuvering and walking on the walls and ceilings at the new Bryn Oh build, Imogen and the Pigeons, and that there was some disturbance between them but didn't know if this pile was associated with that or not.  I certainly had no problems whatsoever with the walking on the walls and ceiling in that installation and found it very amusing.  You never know what unusual sightings you will find around SL these days and the meaning behind things. Then again, there is a free Bryn Oh doll to be found at Bryn's installation so perhaps "someone" just got carried away and picked up a bunch of them, a whole bunch..... hmmm wonder why?  


  1. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Bryn's everywhere!! There's no escape! She put you up to this right? Gaaaaahhh!!

    /me runs up the stairs, only to have it collapse beneath his feet.

  2. But to continue our conversation from last night Div... get wooden teeth. Fashion forward retro style. Everyone knows pirates are cool. I tell you.. wooden teeth are going to make a comeback and you will have an opportunity at the dentist today to show your molar you don't need him anymore. "Screw you molar!" you will say. Dividni do whats right and lead the fashion charge for wooden teeth in the New York area. Gold teeth are so yesterday. Just saying.

  3. I want Kara and all her readers to know that on her blog today, Bryn admitted something I've known for a couple years now: she's evil. See

    By the way, I didn't make it to Imogen's room. Well actually I did but at that point I decide to stop exploring and continue another day, or else I'd probably want to push Bryn off even higher stairs than I tried to last night. Probably using an alt who's more impassive than I am and therefore less likely to want to kill Bryn.

    And stay away from my teeth, Bryn, or I'll bite your gray butt! :-D

  4. You two are sooo silly. Of course Bryn didn't put me up to this... I just report the facts : ) LOL