Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mori's Mouse

Marketplace item here:

My creative and talened friend Will Burns/Aeonix Aeon gave me the cutest pressy the other day called Mori's Mouse.    How would you/neko like to have someone click your mouse mouth toy accessory and hear a squeek in local followed by: "I suppose I'm not the worst thing Kara Trapdoor has had in their mouth".  'Gotta love it!

Mori's Mouse by Kara 2
(Will's pic shows the hud)

The hud allows you to color various parts of the mouse however you like. Mori's Mouse is copy/mod/no transfer so you can make and save in several different colors.  There is even an option to have the mouse customized with up to 5 personal messages-see marketplace instructions.

If you click the mouse itself, it will squeak and show a random chat in local from 30 sayings. Sometimes funny, sometimes sarcastic, and every once in awhile it'll tell you a secret.   It includes some comments that reference some well know SL residents at times.  I think the custom option makes a wonderful gift idea.  Another of my favorites is " I'm really the leader of a worldwide hacktivist group called anonyMOUSE who are using me as a distraction while they buy cheese online with Kara Trapdoor's credit card".

Credits on the associated note card say, "Mori's Mouse is brought to you through the hard work of RobsterRawb Jaxxon, Jon Dragoon, and Aeonix Aeon in Second Life. I'd like to thank MoriRose for inspiring this toy and Sun Tigerfish for helping us test it before release."

So I got a little Neko and if you like this pose it's free on Marketplace here:
Mori's Mouse by Kara 2


  1. Thank you Aeonix.Aeon ...I love you my kitty.Ty for the great toy! Mori

  2. Hey Mori! The inspiration behind this, Yay! Very fun. Nice to see you the other night. ;)