Monday, January 14, 2013

Lost World will be Lost

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See Lolmac's message here:
I logged in to my Flickr today to see a note from Lolmac with information the Lost World sim will be closing between Jan. 18th and the end of the month with a possible closing party around the 19th.  This is a huge loss for SL, photographers, and explorers, well.. everyone.  I don't even know what to post about this except express my sorrow.  I have grown used to sims disappearing and have come to accept that, with the knowledge there will be bigger and better things around the corner with all the advances, but Lost World is one I won't forget and truly feel a loss. I hope to hang out there as much as possible before it's gone.  Have a look if you have not before or explore it again if you have been there before as there are hidden areas you may not have seen before.  Truly one of the best and most loved sims I know of.

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