Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Note to Hunt Makers and Stores

Note to Huntmakers and Stores Who Participate in Hunts:
  Don't make the hunt clues so freaking hard to find especially in huge multi-level stores.  There are various points to hunts and I realize that part of grid wide hunts is to get people to look at new stores and buy products.  If I have to spend more than 15 minutes in a store only to find the hunt item hidden between walls that no normal person much less a noob or someone with poor graphics is never going to find,  I am not going to be thrilled with your store. I actually like to see new stores and products while I'm on a hunt, and if you have great products but I am on a mission to find my hunt stuff I'm either going to go ahead and look and shop then or make a landmark and come back later to shop more.  Not everyone will, but so be it.  I do think it's ok to put the hunt item toward the back or somewhat hidden so that I have to walk or cam your products to see what you have.  That is ok. Plus I enjoy a "little" bit of a challenge.  But hiding it where it's almost impossible to find without a hunt cheat hud or friends who already know whre it is, is just not fun any more.  But, come on!  I heard someone say they were looking for a hunt item for like 45 minutes.... sorry way too long.  I have a real life too.   I'm just saying!!! Thanks

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