Friday, January 4, 2013

CST Designs

Untitled by Kara 2
Untitled, a photo by Kara 2 on Flickr.

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CindyS Tatham, a well known SL photographer, started her CST Designs clothing line a while back.  She wore this gorgeous black and white mesh pencil dress, which is her original design, to my gallery opening before Christmas and it got many compliments.  It's sleek form fit her perfectly and the positive negative space lines and coloring are great!  Shortly after seeing it I visited her store knowing I wanted to blog about it.  My Friend Kathy has been wearing one of Cindy's sweaters around for a while and when I first saw it I was asking about it surprised to learn Cindy has a store with these fantastic mesh clothes.  Considering the artist I suppose I should have expected this quality and artistry in her clothes as well.  Anyway, recently I've seen similar design with color contrasts and texturing just coming out so I guess she should know she's done a great job when others start making similar things.  At my request Cindy gave me this Black and White photo for my blog and she snapped a pic of the three of us girls (Kathy Nikolaidis, myself and Cindy) in some of her other designs.  I grabbed a shot myself of the three of us above.  I'm wearing one of my favorite things from her store which is also a gown but this off the shoulder mesh gown in brown has an almost tapestry type texture that Cindy made herself and is called Steampunk. The store has everything from casual to formal with more to come.  Check it out for some affordable and creative beautiful mesh outfits.

(bottom two pics courtesy of CindyS Tatham)
Pic by Cindy by Kara 2
 CST Designs by Kara 2

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