Monday, January 21, 2013

The End of Lost World The End Nameless Party in Second Life

A short time ago it was announced the Lost World sim would be closing by the end of the month. This sim by lolmac Shan, Iolanda Weidman and Seb Neox is over 5 years old and still has a huge regular draw of visitors. I think it was before it's time with the wonderful scenery, textures, hidden areas and I think it's great they allowed others to rez there which all contributed to it being a photographers favorite. At the closing party at the Nameless Coffee in the sky people danced and reminisced about their memories in the sim. Iolanda told of one person who actually rezzed a home in the sky for over 800 prim and was staying there until they found it and asked him nicely to leave. Others have had many a romantic encounter in the sim. The poses will still be available on Marketplace. There are many many picutres made in the sim to be found in Flickr and there are groups for Lost World and Nameless. Be sure to hurry over for some lasts visits before it's gone. 

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