Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!! Modavia and BOSL Fashion Weeks Coming UP!

BOSL Fashion Week 2011- September 18-25th
I write for BOSL magazine's Events & Society section each month so I try to keep on top of their events and all things BOSL, but the annual fashion week is something anyone in SL should pay attention to, even if a person is not totally into shopping and fashion (not sure who that might be but ok). The fashion week is notorious for the most amazing presentations. Last year had impressive sets, special effects, props, and outfits presented in a very entertaining manner. Cutting edge sets by premier architects, top models, RL and SL fashion designers, I can't wait.
bosl fashion week_001

The press release outlines the shows:
-September 18th 10:00am SLT- GIZZA (stage set by Bryn Oh)
-September 19th 4pm SLT-Virtual Super Heros (stage set by Mike Denneny & Willilicious Georgette
-September 20th 4pm SLT-The Perfect Storm-Shan Bathing suit collection (stage set by Tricia Farella)
-September 21st 4pm SLT-Red LIght District (stage design by Fae Varirale)
-Spetember 22nd 4pm SLT-Avant -Garde (stage set by ColeMarie Soleil)
-September 23rd 6pm SLT-The Divaa's Shop (stage design by Thorne Dreadlow)
-September 24th 10:00am SLT-Le Rought Fashion Show (stage design by Cherry Manga)
-September 24th 2:00pm SLT-Nicky Ree (stage design by: DB Bailey
-September 25th 10:00amSLT-The Domino Effect (stage design by Nish Mip)
September 25th 1:00pm -BOSL Fashion Week closing celebration-A tribute to who started it all. (stage design by Maddox Dupont with live performance by ColeMarie Soleil)
BOSL Fashion Week DJ: Sofia Diage

Modavia Fashion Week --September 8 -15th

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