Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mesh, The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Addendum: Today 9-6-1 I heard Firestorm came out with a Mesh beta ... 'haven't tried it yet, but I will. Then I read Carrie Lexington's blog post about it just now and she has good things to say. Her pics looks good and she says the mesh outfits are fluid with no prim parts sticking out and the clothes move with the body.. wow.. that sounds great. I want! Anyway.. check her blog out here: or direct link here: SLifeFantasticHere.
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I'm on Phoenix viewer... I hope to stay on Phoenix until the other viewers become more stable and user friendly for me. I have tried, really I have. I see some good points in V2 or 3, whatever that I REALLY want for myself. But even still...


(WTF Mesh?)

So I thought I'd check out this "Mesh" everyone is talking about lately. They had some freebies and things with Mesh demos at a store so I went with a friend to check it out. What I saw amounted to avatars with boxes on them. That was seriously what I saw. Short avatars had oddly shaped colored box looking bodies and taller avatars were strange shaped boxes with their head sticking out. Nice. So a friend switch to a couple of different mesh enabled viewers and saw the outfits perfectly fine as intended. In another store the Mesh model looked like a big 3d oval ball. The moral of this story is.. if all is going Mesh some day.. Phoenix won't let me see it at least for now, meaning if a person wears the mesh outfit Phoenix viewer people wont see them. This can't be fun for the wearer of the Mesh outfit, or for the Phoenix viewer people. The logical question was could Phoenix viewer people see the um.. bits.. under or through the box?.. and the answer is no. God only knows what products will look like. So maybe Phoenix has an update or an adjustment to see Mesh but I have not heard about it yet and therefore probably most other people have not either. If anyone knows of this please please let me know.

Today is Phoenix Viewer's one year birthday. Jessica talks about this and all things SL and Phoenix on her site here: direct link here: PhoenixHere. Thankfully she fully addresses the Mesh issue and also indicates Firestorm will soon work with Mesh. I am still not overjoyed with losing Phoenix to Firestorm or any other viewer at this point. For me Phoenix is easy to use, has all the wonderful features and interface I love and takes great pictures and machinima for me. Some of my fav features, specifics in radar, stability (a biggy) and photo quality is lost on some of the others at this point. Maybe viewer changes are being released before they are ready???

Blogger Seraphin did a wonderful interview and got a pretty good explanation of Mesh out of an exceptional SL builder Maxwell Graff here: or direct link here: SeraphimHere.

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